Diligent, LLC




DILIGENT is a Technical Sales company. We understand that both our principles and our customers need knowledgeable, pro-active, diligent sales representatives. At DILIGENT, our emphasis is focused on the “selling function” required by both our principles, and our customers. Obviously our principles need aggressive, motivated, knowledgeable sales personnel who market and promote their lines, but our customers also require sales agents who understand their requirements, diligently follow-up on every inquiry and request, and create a relationship where the engineer or purchasing agent view the sales rep. as a source and a solution. Customers who view the sales rep. as an outside assistant, as a source for information, and as a reliable, industry savvy expert, will tend to do business with them. Therefore our mission at DILIGENT is to consistently provide four basic “sales” fundamentals to both our principles and our customers.







          11)     Accurate information     2)     Timely communication

        3)     Product knowledge        4)     Face-to-Face contact










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